People seek therapy for a variety of reasons including help or support with life transitions, relationship difficulties, work and career stresses, major life decisions, issues around grief and loss, or to deal with events from the past that are still bothersome and impacting their daily lives.  Whatever your reasons may be, therapy can be a safe emotional space where you can explore ways to build the life that you want.

Individual psychotherapy begins with us meeting for an 'assessment and evaluation'.   Following our initial meeting, sessions will be billed as individual psychotherapy, with sessions lasting 45 minutes.  The first few sessions will be spent exploring background, current symptoms and what led you to therapy.  

Generally the agenda of sessions will be set collaboratively and treatment will progress at its own pace.  I am both active and engaged in therapy while balancing each persons individual needs and expectations.  I generally try to meet each person exactly where they are when they walk in the door.