I first became interested in women's mental health when I trained at the University of Illinois, Women's Mental Health, which is one of the few programs that provides specific inpatient and outpatient services to pregnant women struggling with mood disorders.  At the time I did not have any children of my own, but was fascinated by the transformations and challenges of mothering.  

I made the decision to enter the field of eating disorders which was equally as fulfilling.  I enjoyed working with women, men, families and couples as they navigated the 'thin bias' world that we live in and keep my Edina Clinic open to those struggling with issues outside of perinatal mood disorders.

I was led back to perinatal mental health after the traumatic birth and post-partum period with my first daughter.  I became more intrigued about traumatic births and how they impacted the post-partum period.  I began to notice mothering and struggles with transitions in the clients I worked with and became more focused on helping women to feel empowered in pregnancy, birthing, repairing traumatic birth experiences and helping clients to have a more satisfying post-partum period.